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Best Meat Grinder in 2017 – Buyers Guide

Before purchasing meat grinder you have to read this guide!

We have collected and researched the definate guide to buying meat grinders the guide includes all different companies from the best to worst (LEM, Weston, STX, Norpro and more companies), we have also listed the different classes of meat grinders which included (Commericial/Industrial, Manual, Electric)

Home Chef’s and expert grinders who run businesses can check this guide on buying the right kind of meat grinder depending on their needs here we will disclose all sort of them

Different Kind of [easyazon_link keywords=”Meat Grinder” locale=”US” tag=”meatgrinde010-20″]Meat Grinder[/easyazon_link]

If you are buying it for your home then you have some option like manual or electric, meanwhile bigger usage would need more grinding action that means you have option for commerical or industrial grinders.

Before even buying read the types so you have the first knowledge on how to pick the right one.

Manual Meat Grinder

Manual Meat Grinders are made to be operated through hands only, the manual meat grinder can still do the same task as of other auto operated grinders.

Manually operated meat grinders can be controlled and meat can be grindered to any level, their are other ways you can use manual meat grinders it comes with parts like Mincer, Pasta Makers and different Aids

Sausages can be made easily, mincing meat is easy, making pepper, vegetables squashing is easily done with manual meat grinders.

Manual meat grinders are dirt cheap less expensive that other types price ranges from $25 to $100 maximum.

If you have low budget and looking for something is less expensive then go with manual meat grinders plus it’s smaller is size as well.

Pro of manual meat grinder:

Handy Tool:

Easy to use with it (operated from hands because its manual)

Control Over it: You have the control over it though it can be some time

You have the control over it though it can be some time tedicious to make perfect meat)

Low Budget:

Perfect if you are on a low budget and looking for cheap meat grinder it would be the perfect choice for you.

Con’s of Manual Meat Grinder:

Usage :

Al though manual grinders comes with clamp which you will be rotating to grind meat but it can become some time really tedious and boring indeed, if you have less stamina and patience this can be really get in they way.


Hand operated making you tired easily, it is slower then electric meat grinders

Apart from that manual meat grinder is recommended for those who are on low budget and can with stand the pain of doing it every time manually.


Yes disasters can struck sometimes manual meat grinder would have few left overs of juice or meat in the base area and all over the grinders parts.

Electric Meat Grinder:

This is our second type of meat grinder it is fast and efficient in both usage and overall experience.

Electric meat grinder is faster in grinding meat all you have to feed the chute and the ouput can be seen in few seconds.

It’s equilevent to plug and play in grinders put some meat turn it on and that’s it.

Unlike manual meat grinder where you need to first actually fit it in a place and then put the clamp on and all other attachments to use it this one is simple turn it on and put meat and that’s the most you will be doing.


Fast Grinding:

Electric meat grinder grinds meat faster than you think


Usage of electric meat grinder is easy very simple actually step 1 to put some meat to the chute and step 2 take the meat its a simple two step process.


Electric meat grinder can do greater unit of grinding then manual, it has powerful engine which will do the work for you making the whole process effortless for consumers

Textures/Grinder Places:

Electric meat grinder comes with replaceable grinding plates which you can use to product some nice new textures to your meat, giving you option to produce different type of grindings.

Con’s of Electric Meat Grinder:


I guess i could come with only one dis-advantage for electric meat grinders they are slightly expensive than manual meat grinder but as it’s worth the price as it is much lesser pain in usage.

Final Take on both Manual Grinder vs Electric Meat Grinder:

If you are still confused about which of them is better then let’s sum it up for you.

May be you like the control or the guy who never likes manual stuff well it’s totally up to you to decide but to be honest personally i would always go with Electric Meat Grinder over Manual one cause its much faster effecient saves my time and also safe and does not waste meat.

If you are not regular user then defaintly go with manual one cause first it would be cheap and as you are not gonna use it more then 2 to 3 times per month it’s worth the time then and costing less money always saves more money in the bank we never want you to waste money 😀 but if you are regular user and are going with manual meat grinder stop it right their and look at yourself imagine grinding all day wasting hours after hours go with electric then.

Commercial Meat Grinder

If you are not household person and have business that is relying on grinding meat in a lot of quantity then you should be looking commercial meat grinder as electric meat grinder is good option but cant do the heavy job that commercial units can do.

It has powerful engine inside it and can grind a lot more then normal meat grinders and it is very quick is usage.

Businesses and established users like shopkeepers should be looking for the right solution for commercial purposes.

Pros of Commercial Meat Grinder


It is faster than any grinder available in the market


Can be used for several different grindings at the same time and there are many models to choose from which we would discuss below


Commerical grinders are silent and efficient unlike other making unusual sounds while grinder this one is pretty silent when comes to operations.



Price is hefty against any other type though the sole purpose is different, only commercial usage is intended not for normal usage should be bought only if your are looking for business solution in meat grinding industry.

Find the Best Meat Grinder of 2017

Now as you have read above the different types of meat grinders and come to know whats the advantage and dis-advantages of all three types of meat grinders now its time to help you select the product for all of them yes we would guide you if you are interested in buying.

We have done our research and we can safely suggest you a grinder that is perfect match for you

Table of contents :

Buy this Manual Meat Grinder : 

LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder : LEM Manual Meat Grinder #10 is our favorite manual grinder of all don’t worry we have the best collection available as well just scroll down to find more best manual grinders.

  • Heavy Duty Manual Meat Grinder
  • Cleaning is Easy
  • 2 Stainless Steel Plates/Stainless Steel Knife is attached
  • Durable not easy to break

Buy this Electric Meat Grinder

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce is our best choice to buy in all the electric meat grinders.

  • Comes with 3 Electric Speed Fans
  • Three Blades for Cutting Meat
  • Three Grinding Plates with Stuffing Tubes
  • 3-Speed Electric with 3 Cutting Blades, 3 Grinding Plates, Kubbe Attachment and Sausage Stuffing Tubes
  • Current Circuit Breaker for Safe Usage
  • 80,000+ of this Unit Sold Incredible Quality Assurance
  • Up to 1 Years of Replacement Guarantee Provided by STX

Buy this Commerical Meat Grinder

Weston No. #22 is our most recommended Commercial Meat Grinder

If you are looking for some heavy duty commercial meat grinder that run all morning evening years after years then Weston #22 is the choice by the it weighs like 66 Pound (Heavy lifting for heavy users for heavy duty commercial usage)

With Faster grinding it has extra large off set throat which allows you to do more then other models, it has great safety mechanism built in (hand guards in usage of large grinding heads)

  • 1 HP/750 Watts Motor
  • Lubricated
  • Air Cooled No Heating issues
  • 720+ Pound Meat Per Hour 720/HR
  • Stainless Steal Body
  • Cleaning is Easy of Weston #22
  • Safety on Circuits/Usage