Best Electric Meat Grinders of 2017

Best Electric Meat Grinder to Buy from $50 to $250 Price Ranges

With the advent of electric meat grinders, the very hard work that used to come with hand-operated meat grinders has

become very much reduced. However because they are usually quite expensive, they are a purchase that should only be
made after much consideration, of the amount of use you will make of it. It may well be that a hand cranked cheaper model may suit your needs if you only wish to grind small amounts of meat.

With electric meat grinders available, grinding meat and other food ingredients can simply be done by just loading the item onto the grinder, select the corresponding grinding plate for your preferred coarseness, then push the switch to start grinding. The possible muscle aches that can develop from cranking manual meat grinders are entirely eliminated by using electric meat grinders.

Best Electric Meat Grinder to Buy

Electric meat grinders vary in size, material, capacity, and price.

Most electric meat grinders include fine, medium and coarse grinding plates and sausage stuffer attachments.
They are usually encased in a plastic or metal housing but will have stainless steel, aluminum or metal parts.

The motor power of electric meat grinders typically ranges between and 100 and 1000 watts. Whatever added feature or capabilities electric meat grinders carry, their prices range from
$50 to $250.

Meat Grinders in $50 to $250 Price Ranges

Northern Industrial Electric Meat Grinders

Electric meat grinders of this brand have the capability to grind 176 pounds of meat per hour. The machine is powered by a 1000-watt motor, controlled by the on/off /reverse switch. The grinding blades come with fine, medium and coarse plates, Kubbe and sausage stuffer attachments.

All the internal parts are constructed from metal, while the gear and shaft are made of carbon steel. Overall, a meat grinder of
this machine measures 16 inches in length, 7 7/8 inches in width and
13 5/8 inches in height. On this device received 4stars from 32

Deni Electric Meat Grinder

This machine is designed to give you years of excellent service in
your kitchen as it is described as professional grade. It is very easy to assemble and to keep clean. The outside
housing is finished ina brushed stainless steel. Capable of polishing off up
to 3 pounds of meat in one minute, with its powerful 1 HP electric motor.

Using this machine you will be able to turn out all kinds of
ground meat to make burgers and sausages amounts other things

STX Turbo force Meat Grinder

This is a heavy duty meat grinder that is capable of grinding plenty of different meats in your kitchen. This product features a powerful 800-watt motor, three cutting blades, sausage stuffing tubes. Comes with a one year 100% guarantee. On this
product received an impressive 4 1/2 stars from 29 reviews. Certainly, a product to consider if you intend to
do plenty of meat processing in your home.

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