Best Electric Meat Grinders of 2017

Best Electric Meat Grinders of 2017

When intending to buy the best electric meat grinder, you look for one that is durable, practical, and would give you the results you’re looking for. Undoubtedly, it would help you a lot to hear some feedback on some of the grinders available for you to buy before you buy it. Therefore, we present to you our top ten electric meat grinder reviews  so you can make the right choice.

What to Look for in Grinders


Are you in the hassle of searching for the best meat grinder? Then this post is meant for you. Proceed to read and you will get to know all the things that you have to consider before making a purchasing. We hope that this buying guide will act as a source of reference before making your final decision.

Motor – The motor is the sole source of power for an electrical meat grinder; it determines the powerfulness of the machine. It also determines that amount of meat your can grind in one hour. Generally Meat grinders with more powerful motors are perfect for meat processing. However, a machine with a relatively small motor power may be ideal for standard kitchen uses.

Size – Some electrical meat grinders are very large and heavy while other are small and lightweight. A lightweight and small size machine is very useful for home use since you can easily carry it to the kitchen.

If you are in the meat processing industry where you grind a lot of meat, you may require a huge and heavy duty grinder because you are not required to move it every time.

Stainless Steel – An electrical meat grinder with a stainless steel body is more durable as compared to one with a steel body. A machine with steel body is also prone to rust. When making a decision, choose a stainless steel body. Also, make sure that the include accessories like the knife and cutting plates are made of stainless steel.

Power Efficiency – An efficient power grinder is ideal for home use because you will be able to perform your meat processing without disturbing the other electrical appliances.

Ease of Operation – A best electrical grinder should be easy to operate. Some grinders come with 1, 2 and 3 buttons. People have different perceptions of the operation.

While some people feel it is easy to run a one-button grinder other like the three-button grinder. Choose an electrical grinder that will not confuse during meat processing.

Cost – It is very good to pick an electrical meat grinder that is affordable according to your budget. Some people think that expensive machines are usually the best. However, there are some cheap grinders that perform flawlessly. But the cost should not be the only factor to consider because a cheap electrical grinder may not be sustainable.

Warranty – Consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer. If a grinder has a manufacturer’s warranty, you will benefit from free replace or repair if something happens. An electrical grinder that lacks manufacturer’s warranty may lead to a total loss if it breaks down.

You might want to ditch manual appliances and go for more developed, easier to use machines in your kitchen, including meat grinders. So we choose a list of the top ten meat grinders available in markets and on the internet to explain and give you a list of the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each.


Top 10 Best Electric Meat Grinder Reviews Of 2017


STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce1) International STX – 3000 TF Turboforce

This grinder can be a very good choice for you if you are an amateur cook or if you are just getting started.It comes in a size #12 grinding head, which is bigger than most meat grinders you may find in stores.It is constructed of grade cast aluminum and it contains three stainless steel blades, three sausage stuffing tubes and three different sizes of hardened steel plates for grinding.It also comes with kibbe (kubbe) attachment, and an adapter.

There aren’t numerous disadvantages with this grinder. However, its only disadvantage might be that it cannot function for continuous, long hours. If you use it for more than a couple of hours it might overheat.



STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce2) International STX – 3000 MF megaforce

Like its precedent, this device comes with a size 12 grinding head and is a size 12 and is made of the same grade cast aluminium and contains three cutting blades, all made of pure stainless steel, and three different sizes of steel plates for grinding, a “Beaner Plate” for sausage stuffing, in addition to the same equipment of tubes for sausage stuffing, kubbe kit, and adapter. The secret to its mega power is thanks to its exclusive air flow system, which allows for greater system cooling. Unlike most meat grinders, Megaforce is particularly designed to protect the motor from overheating and, therefore, shutting down or breaking down. It is your best choice if you need a meat grinder that can be durable for several continuous working hours.

Based on different experiences and methods of usage, you might find this grinder slower than other grinders at grinding, but that does not take away from its efficiency and practicality as it ends up producing the same texture of meat that you are hoping for.

The two above mentioned and reviewed meat grinders from STX come with a full 3-year warranty that allows you to get your grinder repaired or replaced in any case of damage. For the first three months, you can get a full refund on your purchase. However, this warranty is only valid in North America. If you ship your purchase overseas, the warranty will be broken.


LEM Products 575 Watt3) LEM 575 Meat Grinder

This grinder is labeled as ” built to last ” for good reasons.It can grind up to 2 deer a year and with a 575 W motor, it is powerful, efficient, and has the options of forward and reverse speeds to disposition any unprocessed or less-processed meat.Its meat tray is square shaped and made of aluminium, designed especially to carry big amounts of meat to make processing easier for you.Its Die-cast aluminum head is strong and durable.

This grinder comes with two stainless steel plates (8mm and 4.8mm), stuffing plate, tube, stomper, knife

It comes in a smaller size to be stored easily. Its small size helps you make best use of your kitchen space and allows you to put it wherever space availability permits.
However, this grinder is only recommended for North America as it is likely to function less efficiently on 220 V. It only comes with a 110 V plug-in and using an adapter might push its ability further than its limits and make its life span shorter. It is also not recommended for big chunks of meat, big weight, or longer processing hours. Therefore it is more recommended for domestic use, rather than for commercial use.


LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel4) LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

With mostly high reviews online, this stainless steel grinder is highly capable of processing for frequent use as it can grind around 360 lbs of meat (over 163 kilograms) per hour and it weighs 47 pounds (about 21 kilograms).It is made of stainless steel inside-out and, despite its weight, it is easy to move.

It functions on 110 Volt, it can adapt up to 220 Volt if needed, its motor has been lubricated to last for as long as possible, and it has a built-in circuit breaker for safety and security measures.It contains all necessary accessories; a meat pan, a head, an auger, and a knife, all made of pure stainless steel. In addition to a coarse, fine stuffing plates, three stuffing tubes in three different sizes, and a meat tamper.Not only this grinder is very strong and powerful, but it is warranted for two years, that includes the grinder itself and all parts. Its after-sale service is tremendous as the company’s technicians are available should you need any customer support post sale services.

There are hardly any cons on purchasing this grinder based on numerous meat grinder reviews. However, it lacks some additional options that you might look for if you are used to other models of grinders, such as variable speed options, as it only contains a power button (on and off). Still, you can’t go wrong if this is your only concern; as its speed is suitable for grinding all kinds of meat even the ones that need a relatively slower speed, such as sausage.


Sunmile SM-G31 ETL5) Sunmile SM-G31 ETL  Max1HP 800W Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

With around a 70% discount available in online purchase websites, this meat grinder is not only very simple to use, but is also very economically efficient.It is also of very good quality and it allows you to grind meat in a very short time.Its detachable aluminium tube makes it very easy to clean.Its tube is attached directly to its cutting blade that is made of stainless steel to withstand frequent usage and resist rust. In addition to the stainless steel blade, this grinder comes with three different cutting plates, also made of stainless steel, three types of sausage attachments, and one plastic meat tamper.It can process up to 150 lbs (around 68 kilograms) of meat per hour. To ensure its quality, this grinder has obtained the ISO 9001 standards.
The notable disadvantage in this meat grinder for some users has been that, while processing, some of the processed material might leak from beneath the grinder. Causing it to require cleaning more frequently than other meat grinders probably would. Yet, as mentioned earlier, it is easily detachable, which makes your mission a lot easier with this grinder in particular.


Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Stainless Steel6) Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Stainless Steel  Max 1HP 800W Meat Grinder

When purchasing this remarkably good appliance you will be saving up to 60% of its original market price. This is not the only advantage though.With a powerful 400 W motor, SunMile G33 ETL allows you to grind plentiful chunks of meat that can reach up to 170 lbs (77 kilograms) per hour.You can easily grind big portions all at once with its removable square aluminium meat tray that makes your process easier and faster.Its head is made of die-cast aluminium, making it even more durable. All wrapped in a stainless steel body construction that ensures resilience and longevity.This grinder makes processing very easy even for your own mother to use, as its reverse function dislodges trapped ingredients smoothly, regrinds them, and pushes them out to maximize output.It contains all necessary accessories that you might need, including 3 cutting plates for you to grind meat in all different degrees of grind, and the sausage stuffing kit eases your mission of stuffing your sausage at home.
Although this grinder is very strong and durable if used well, it is not recommended for cutting, grinding, or processing very solid objects; such as nuts, bones, or cartilage. You would probably need to make sure the meat that you are using it to process is boneless and cartilage-free, to maximize best use of it and make sure it lives as long as possible.


Best Choice Products Meat Grinder Electric 2.6 Hp 2000 Watt7) Best Choice Products Meat Grinder Electric 2.6 Hp 2000 Watt

This grinder is light, practical, and compatible for use whether that be at home or at a grocery market.It is manufactured of stainless steel and cast aluminum, and includes a precision gear drive, and a reverse button that gives you the option to disposition any stuck pieces of meat or to regrind if deemed necessary.In addition, it is a very powerful grinder with a 2000 W motor, it can function at three different speeds (slow, medium, and fast), and contains three heavy-duty steel blades on three different sharpness degrees: coarse, medium, and fine, in addition to a kubbe processing kit and a food pusher.
Unlike most other grinders, this grinder does not come with sausage tubes, which means you would have to buy an extra machine for that. Moreover, although it can grind small pieces of bone, it is not recommended for that as it might shorten its life span, and it is not suitable for bigger bones.


Electric 2.6 HP 2000 Watt8) Electric 2.6 HP – 2000 W Industrial Grinder -3 Cutting Blades – Butcher Shop

This is a versatile & multi-function meat grinder that enables you to make a variety of home-cooked meals, from burgers, to meatloaf or sausage.It comes with a cutlery-grade blade, made only of stainless steel, and three cutting plates that produce coarse, medium and fine grinds of meat, giving you a variety of options to choose whatever you desire to cook for the day.It is ideal for any kitchen. This grinder is made of cast aluminum auger, hopper, and auger housing.It functions with a 2000 W.It comes with a detachable tube, a kubbe processing kit, a food pusher, and three heavy-duty steel blades on three different sharpness degrees: coarse, medium, and fine, and it functions on two speeds (high and low) and has a reverse option.
The steel blades of this grinder, however, given the fact that they are not stainless steel, are not as durable and could rust after using for a while, which would require replacing them with new ones later, making this grinder good for low usage and for a limited period. Which is understandable with its reasonable price.


Sportsman MEG300 3/4HP 350W9) Sportsman MEG300 3/4HP Electric Meat Grinder 350W

This particular grinder is special because it allows you to grind, process, and blend your favorite spices and seasonings at home with your home cooked meat as you like to make it, and make your favorite meals.You can use it to produce homemade sausage, pepperoni, and bratwurst.Additionally, you can use this grinder to grind all kinds of vegetables and greens.This 350 W motor powered grinder can process up to about 100 lbs per hour (45 kilograms).It contains three plates to cut your meat on three different sharpness degrees: coarse, medium, and fine.It also contains one kubbe attachment, one food stuffer, and one sausage tube. For more cooking options, there is a recipe included in the box.It also contains a removable stainless steel food tray, and a forward / reverse button.
Like anything comes with a package, this grinder can be of limited power. If you don’t over exhaust it, it will serve you well. However, it is not for heavy duty. However, it is what you need if you want a grinder that does the job and that is easy to use.


Waring Pro MG855 Professional10) Waring (PRO) MG855 – Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder

You can use this meat grinder for grinding sausages, pates, meat, and fish.It makes it very easy for you to prepare all that at home.Its housing is made of stainless steel for maximum durability, and its die-cast hopper can carry a large chunk of sliced or cubed meat.It contains of three plates made of metal, fine, medium, and coarse, for producing different grinds of meat from hamburger to baby food, to soup.You can also use this grinder to process vegetables and fish. It operates on a 450 W motor and a switch with a reverse option. This grinder also includes several types of recipes in the manual to give you new cooking ideas.
The problem with this grinder is that because most of the parts inside are made of aluminium, not stainless steel, it is not recommended that you wash them in the dishwasher, rather with your hands. The amount of plastic internals make this meat grinder’s lifespan shorter than you would hope for it to be.


Things To Consider Before Buying Meat Grinder


How Much Meat You’ll Be Grinding

How do I make the right choice when buying a meat grinder?Home usage of the meat grinder is very different from that of a butcher for example :When buying your meat grinder for home, you need to look for an efficient appliance with good options, durability, and a reasonable price, but you probably won’t be using it daily, and you won’t be grinding more than 2 kilograms (about 4.4 lbs) each time, at most.Therefore, you do not need to invest in an expensive, heavy grinder that you will not make the best use of. You should also buy a grinder that is not big nor heavy, one that you can easily store wherever there is space available in your kitchen, keeping it handy to use whenever you need it.However, if you know that you will end up grinding bigger amounts, you can upgrade your choice to a stronger grinder. Just make sure you read the specifications of the machine you’re intending to purchase beforehand, there are many options and different calibers that you can choose from.

Should I go for a manual or an electrical meat grinder?

If your contemplation is a story of choosing a manual meat grinder or an electrical one, you should think about the costs and benefits of each. A manual meat grinder is, first of all, considerably cheaper than an electrical grinder, which is logical.It also saves up on power consumption as you use your own hands to operate it.Manual meat grinders also usually come in smaller sizes than their electrical equivalents, which makes it easier for you to place it wherever you have space and to store it more easily.However, most people nowadays go for electrical grinders for good reasons :

Manual grinders require a lot of muscular effort, take up more time, and is less convenient on many levels.A manual grinder needs you to set it up, put all the pieces together and detach them again for storing.You would also be stuffing the meat with your own bare hands into the grinder, makes it less hygienic and sterilized on both, the meat you are grinding and your hands.Manual grinders are much slower, too, which means you should either ground smaller quantities and put in the fridge firsthand, which takes even more time and effort, or risk the possibility of the ground meat to rot or be exposed to ambient conditions of weather, microbes, and other risks.

Benefits Of Meat Grinder

Why do I need a meat grinder for your personal use?There are plenty of benefits for having your own meat grinder. Ground meat at butcheries or at factories is done in hefty amounts for commercial uses, which makes it impossible by all means to give all this quantity the same amount of attention and carefulness you would give when grinding your own, relatively small amount of meat at home.

When you grind meat at home, it is more feasible for you to store it firsthand and grind just as much meat as your day use, protecting it from any germs or microbes that might affect it, which is not the case at factories and butcheries. Not only grinding your meat is healthier, it is a no brainer that it also allows you to save money, as ground meat is more costly than full pieces. With time you will have been able to save more than the price of your meat grinder!

Another evident use of having your own meat grinder is that you are at your own will of adding whatever ingredients you want to your ground meat. For instance, if you prefer adding a particular amount of a certain type of seasoning that you like, this option is not as easily possible when buying ground meat from outside. You can even mix different types of meat if you like, or add as much salt, pepper, margarine, or butter, of your own favorite brands to your home ground meat.It also allows you to control how much fat you would like to add or skim off your meat, something you cannot do after buying your already ground meat.

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