Chefs Choice 615

Chefs Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer Review

Chefs Choice 615 Review

For anyone who would like something to help her (or him) with food work in the kitchen, this Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer is a real boon. The company that made the product has done a wide range of others that are also available at Amazon, including a waffle ice cream cone maker, a knife sharpener, a waffle maker and an electric tea kettle.

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Read on to see what features it has that might make it worth buying for you.

Premium Electric Food Slicer

The first important feature of this food slicer is a seven-inch stainless steel blade that can be used to slice foods of varying thicknesses and textures, from deli-sliced meat to bread to cucumbers and other vegetables. Feature #2 is a special safety button that can be used for to lock the carriage when the apparatus is not being used.

Pros of 615

Some significant advantages of the Chef’s Choice 615 premium electric food slicer are: It is very versatile, capable of being used on a variety of foods. The various parts of the slicer, including the carriage, pusher, deflector, thickness guide, and blade, can be removed to make it easier to clean. A serving tray comes with it.

Cons of 615

Of course, the machine is not without its flaws, some of which are: The cutting blade, according to one of the customers who rated it with one star, is not flush with the housing.

This should not be a problem if the food being cut is shorter than the diameter, and if it is larger, then some effort on the user’s part will be required. The bread may catch under the blade, though not very often. It may not cut evenly.

Customer Reviews and Score

Although a few customers have made complaints about this thing, the vast majority have only good things to say, and the product has been rated with five stars.

The slicer is easy to clean up and is well-suited for occasional kitchen use. It slices perfectly, and the presence of two safety locks ensures that the user does not cut himself or herself on the blade.


If you find it tedious to slice bread, meat or vegetables by hand with a knife, then this is the perfect dream come true for you.

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