Cuisinart SM-MG Low Cost Meat Grinder Attachment

Cuisinart SM-MG Meat Grinder Attachment

SM-MG Cuisinart Meat Grinders has standing mixer attached to it; the three plates are made of die-cast aluminum which can make the neccasary adjustment for different grinding levels.

The integrated giant meat grinder attachment can ground meat in less time, and it can also be connected to a Cuisinart stand mixer using the slow speed power outlet. The cutting accessories are all made from durable materials.

Product Description

  • Large Meat Grinder Attachment

The integrated large meat grinder attachment can ground meat in less time, and it can also accommodate bigger meat chunks which significantly reduces chopping time. More significant meat grinder attachment is necessary, particularly when you are processing large volume that requires you to grind more than just a kilo of it.

  • Versatile and Multifunctional

This meat grinder can be connected to any Cuisinart stand mixer with its slow speed power outlet. So if you already own a stand mixer from Cuisinart, you do not have to assess the compatibility of your meat grinder attachment. When you connect it to a slow speed power outlet, you can instantly use the meat grinder without the need for the complex installation process.

With its three grinding plates, you can now choose the grinding you want from fine to medium and coarse cuts. This product is also inclusive of two sausage nozzles so you can create homemade sausages directly from your meat grinder.

Simply attach the sausage nozzle and place a sausage plastic bag at the end. When you grind the meat, it will go directly to the bag, and all you have to do is seal it once the sausage reached the preferred length.

  • Die Cast Aluminum Construction

SM-MG Cuisinart Meat Grinder is built into a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum construction. The metal housing makes it more durable and resistant to rust and staining. Considering the volume of meat it processes, there is always a chance of rusting and staining if the housing is not made from high-quality rustproof materials.

  • Large Try With Easy To Insert Mechanism

This model comes with a large tray with high volume capacity. This also has a simple insert to the mechanism, and this can perform just like any regular meat grinder.

This product comes complete with recipes and instruction guide. All removable parts are also dishwasher safe, and the metal housing can be cleaned manually with a damp cloth. The overall dimensions of this product are 10-1/2 by 6-1/2 by 8 inches, and it weighs around nine pounds. With its powerful grinding technology, this grinder can also process nuts, vegetables, and other poultry products and it can be used to make large or small sausages as well.


The SM-MG Cuisinart Meat Grinder is not your typical low-cost meat grinder attachment, it can be utilized on any Cuisinart Stand Mixer, and it comes with features not seen on other similar products.

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