EdgeCraft Chef's Choice 610 Review

EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Electric Meat Slicer Review

I’ve to admit, when I first saw the EdgeCraft 610, it looked kinda low class to me. It is small, compact, and the blade diameter seemed short for my tastes. I guess that is because I’m spoiled.

I work with the big boy meat slicers, that ones that have a blade at least 10 inches in diameter. But, as the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” And boy was I surprised by its performance.

One thing I notice immediately when I first plugged in the EdgeCraft 610 to test it’s motor was how slow the blade turns and it’s was a little on the loud side. It sound about half the loudness of a blender. As for the blade speed, I want to say it had a speed of 1.5 revolutions per second. Now, in my opinion, the faster the blade spins, the less tearing of the meat, thus, a more perfect slice of meat is transformed. However, in the EdgeCraft 610 case, it does a surprisingly superb job of slicing meat. I used some smoked turkey meat I bought at my deli. The slices came out almost nearly perfectly as my Hobart 2912 slicer does.

Chef’s Choice EdgeCraft 610 Review

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Slicing Meats and Other Stuff – How Well Does The EdgeCraft 610 Do?

Slicing Capabilities

Poultry(Turkey, Chicken, etc.)
Beef(Roast Beef, Pastrami, etc.)
Ham(Cooked, Virgina, Honey Cured, etc.)
Cheese(American, Mozzarella, etc.)
Thin Slicing(Turkey, Roast Beef, Cheese, etc.)
Extreme Thin Slicing(Prosciutto, etc.)
Thick Slicing(Bologna, Cubing Thickness, etc.)

Ah, now we get to the fun part. Slicing stuff. The EdgeCraft 610 meat slicer does wonders when it comes to slicing food. When I first tried it out with the smoke turkey, it did a stellar job at it. I had perfect, all intact slices. That was one delicious, fresh sandwich I made that day. I did not include it in the above star graph, but it did a excellent job at slicing the tomatoes, onions, and peppers. They were all perfect intact, no tears or shreds.

I decided to test it out some more by slicing roast beef, cheese, Italian meats, and bologna. For the most part, the EdgeCraft 610 did wonderfully on the cheese. Although, it is best to slice any cheese when it is really cold so that the cheese does break apart while slicing.

Roast Beef

Roast beef was pretty good. I gave it four stars because the EdgeCraft 610 doesn’t slice the whole portion of the meat. On the very bottom, there is some meat hanging over. Now, this is not a very big deal. Heck, even the big Hobart can’t slice all the roast beef in perfect units. Remember, this is just a home meat slicer anyway. It will never be anything near a Hobart, Berkel, Globe, or Axis commercial meat slicer.

If you are the kind of person that loves thick sliced meats, go ahead and get this slicer! Or if you want thick sliced meats for cubing, like for salads, this is definitely for you. Now, here is the bad.


Ham came out the way you would expect. Ham is one of that kind of meats that can be sliced any way you want it. So I was not surprised by the slice of it.


For those who want TISSUE PAPER THIN SLICES, forget about it. Now, it does a fantastic job at slicing thin slices, so don’t get me wrong. What I’m talking about is the Prosciutto type slice. This unit can’t get it that thin. My Hobart 2912 at the deli shop can! The EdgeCraft 610 cannot! So, it gets a 2-star rating from me. Probably your only hope to resolve this issue is to purchase the non-serrated blade. I know that the Hobart slicers use them and it works wonders on slicing paper thin.

EdgeCraft 610 Cleaning – It Depends On You Really


One of my least favorites tasks when it comes to meat slicers is cleaning them. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! Did I mention that I hate cleaning meat slicers? I think you get the message. You try cleaning the big commercial meat slicers I have to deal with every day, and you’ll see why I hate cleaning them.

With that said, cleaning the EdgeCraft 610 compared to the bigger slicers is like washing a Ford Ranger pickup compared to washing a Ford F-650 pickup. There is no comparison. The average cleaning time for the 610 is somewhere in the period of 5 to 10 minutes. As the title says, it depends on you and how you clean. If you like to fast pace wash, then it should be around the 5-minute marker. If you like to clean every molecule of the dish, you looking at 10 to 15 minutes, to be honest. Also, it will also depend on the kinds of meats and other food items you slice, whether it be a juicy roast beef or a soft mozzarella cheese.

Parts that can be removed for hand washing includes the blade, food pusher, and the tray. Everything else can only be cleaned on the machine itself and it pretty straightforward. I do not recommend using a dishwasher to wash the removable parts. For one, there are a few plastic components on the food pusher and the tray itself that could get damages in the drying stage. And secondly, there will be small crevices that food particles will get stuck in that a dishwasher will not get out. So sorry, this is not for the lazy folks.

Size of The EdgeCraft 610


I love big slicers when they’re at a deli or butcher shop. At home, on the other hand, a royal pain in the butt. With the Chef’s Choice EdgeCraft 610, though, I like it’s size. It’s dimensions are 16.3 Length x 12.4 Width x 11.9 Height in inches. The weight is respectable for a meat slicer of this magnitude, at 11.3 pounds.

The neat part about the EdgeCraft 610 is the size allows for easy storage, at least for the average home owner. If you have a large enough shelf, you can just store it there and pull it down when you are ready to use again.

You can have it on the countertop or table when you ready to slice.  The main nuisance of the slicer is the power cord. The power cord can be a friend or foe. I say that because I’ll admit, I don’t like short power cords. I don’t have a power outlet next to my countertop, at a high level. So the cord runs short, and I have to pull out the extension cord. Now, on the other hand, if you have power outlet basically on the countertop or on the wall next to the countertop, then this is a blessing for you. It would the opposite of needing to chug out the extension cord. That’s one of my beefs with the EdgeCraft 610 slicer.

Safety Side of The EdgeCraft 610

Is It Safe To Use?

The blade is sharp! Be careful!

Okay, so one thing I have about any meat slicer in general is, “How safe is it?” Well, luckily the EdgeCraft 610 delivers on a cornucopia of safety goodies!

So really good safety features the EdgeCraft 610 has the ability to only stay on if you first push the one button down and then simultaneously push the lock button. This helps to make it difficult for little kids to turn it on and to prevent accidental start-ups.

The EdgeCraft 610 has a built-in fuse on the button of the machine to prevent any power surge from damaging the motor. If it is the one thing you do not want to have to pay for, it would be the motor. Your wallet or purse will probably run away from you if it saw the price tag of a new motor. In some cases, it is just a better option to buy a brand new unit, especially if it is a rare, hard-to-find part.

I forget to mention this part in the cleaning section, but it is critical. BE CAREFUL ABOUT THE BLADE! Now I know what your probably saying, “Well Ande, DUH!” Yeah, I hear you, but believe me, that blade is SHARP!!! You don’t want to cut your finger when washing it. I suggest when you remove the module from the machine, pick it up like you would with a CD. Take your finger and hold it from the center. That is the best way to handle it.

Other safety features of the EdgeCraft 610 would be the blade guard, the food pusher’s guard, and adjustment plate. That is why I gave it a 5 star in safety!

Okay, What I Don’t Like About the EdgeCraft 610 Meat Slicer

For as much that I like the EdgeCraft 610, there are a few nuggets of nuisances that I must tell you. For starters, I hate the retention screw. That is the screw that holds the blade in place on the EdgeCraft 610. It is plastic and can be easily misplaced is not watched carefully. Don’t let fall the down the drain or the garbage disposal. But, if you are careful, that should be too much of a concern.

The next little beef I have about the EdgeCraft 610 is the cord. Frankly, it’s too short, at least for me anyway. I talked about this earlier in this review article so that I won’t go into much detail again. As I stated, if you have a plug on the table, you’ll be fine. If you have a plug near the bottom wall, you’re going have to chug out the extension cord.

Lastly, I don’t like how slow the blade turns. Again, I also talked about this earlier, but this is, too, not too much of a big deal. I just like fast spinning blades more.

Buying the Chefs Choice EdgeCraft 610

There is a hot places to buy the EdgeCraft 610 meat slicer.

There are countless reviews of how everyone loves the 610 in general. Plus, you can get FREE SHIPPING. If anything goes wrong, Amazon will help you out. You can also get other accessories, like the ChefsChoice Diamond Hone Sharpener, the regular serrated blade replacement, and the non-serrated blade, a must for thin slicing! I hope you find my EdgeCraft 610 review helpful.

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