4 Home Meat Grinders at Range of $50 to $200 Price

Home meat grinders used to be an essential appliance in every home. Nowadays, however, home meat grinders are used mostly by hunters and those who rear their own meat. Other owners of home meat grinders also use them to
prepare pet food.

With home meat grinders, you can make your own sausages, hamburgers, and other meat products
according to your preferences. You may include ingredients to make them healthier and tastier than what are being
sold in the market.

There are mainly two kinds of home meat grinders, electric and hand-cranked. Nonetheless, electric and
hand-cranked home meat grinders work under the same mechanical concept. Once the meat is added through the hopper,
the wheel turns by hand or electric power to grind it through the chopper blades that vary in sizes according to
the texture you prefer.

Most home meat grinders can be found in the range of $50 to $200 in price.

Home Meat Grinders Price $50 to $200

Electric Meat Grinder by Northern Tool

Home meat grinders of this model grind 176 pounds of meat per hour to transform fowl, beef, vegetables and other
food ingredients into sausage, meatloaf, sauces and many others. It features an on/off/reverse switch that controls
its 110-volt motor that consumes 1000 Watts and outputs 600 Watts. Its internal parts are all metal while its shaft
and gear are made of carbon steel. Like most home meat grinders, it also has fine, medium and coarse plates.
Moreover, it also comes with Kubbe and sausage attachments.


Weston 82-0103-W Electric Meat Grinder with Shredder and Slicer Kit

Powered by a potent 200-watt motor, home meat grinders of this model function with forward and reverse
operation. They grind fresh meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts using three-stainless steel grinding plates and
grinding knife. They also have a stuffing funnel to make sausages where you can control the ingredients and a large
grinder tray with larger stomper to securely push the meat into the grinder.

Panasonic MK-G20NR-W Meat Grinder

Home meat grinders of this model measure 16.2 by 9.2 by 7.8 inches and weigh 8.1 pounds.
Their sturdy construction involves metal for all the key parts. Panasonic home meat grinders are equipped with a
sausage attachment and various cutting plates for coarse, medium and fine results. It is deemed to work well
although its capacity is limited to smaller volumes, such as 10 to 15-pound batches of sausages and other food
products. It is recommended to wash home meat grinders of this model with care since they quickly lose their


STX UltraForce 1200W Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

Home meat grinders of this kind powerfully operate with 1200 watts of maximum output power and a 1.6 HP rating.
STX UltraForce home meat grinders include three sizes of hardened steel grinding plates (fine, medium, coarse), a
sausage stuffing attachment, and a Kubbe attachment. They are controlled by an On/Off switch, an electronic reverse
switch and a forward/reverse switch. With an ultra modern design, they are compact, handy and easy to carry and
store. STX UltraForce home meat grinders are offered with 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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