Nesco FG-400PR Food Grinder Review

Nesco FG-400PR Food Grinder Review

The Nesco FG-400PR is 380 watts is a professional food grinder that can shred, grind, and create sausages all in one package. Its extra-large die-cast hopper can hold up to five pounds of ingredients and is perfect for processing meat into hamburger or sausage. Unlike other food grinders, Nesco FG-400PR can grind up to five pounds of raw ingredients per minute. Built into a die-cast aluminum housing, this grinder is very durable and efficient. 

Product Description

  • Die-Cast Aluminum Housing Assembly

This food grinder is built with industrial grade die cast aluminum housing with die cast feed tube and metal auger. And because this is made from aluminum, this food grinder is pretty lightweight and is very easy to clean. The aluminum housing makes it more durable and resistant to rust and staining. Considering the volume of meat and other wet ingredients it processes, there is always a chance of rusting and staining if the housing is not made from high quality materials that can effectively resist rusts and stains.

  • Stainless-Steel Blade and Large Feed Tube

The stainless steel blade is designed to cut into any types of food ingredients and efficiently turn chunks of meat into finely grinded meat. This also comes with three sintered grinding plates also made from stainless steel for fine, medium and coarse shredding and grinding. The large feed tube means this can accommodate bigger chunks of meat with a grinding speed of up to five pounds per minute.

The powerful 380 watts motor gives this grinder the power to process ingredients up to 5 pounds of meat per minute. With this kind of speed, it significantly reduces the time you need to spend in the kitchen.

The Nesco FG-400PR electric meat grinder has a large aluminum hopper. This can accommodate bigger volumes of meat and other ingredients (up to five pounds) for one time grinding. This meat grinder also can accommodate bigger meat chunks that significantly reduce chopping time. A bigger food grinder meat tray is important particularly when you are processing large volume of ingredients that requires you to grind more than just a kilo of it.

This food grinder comes with an on and off switch complete with reverse feature. The reverse function is very easy to operate and it enables users to easily remove blocked food by reversing the motor mechanism. When the auger rotation is reversed, any blocked food will be easily dislodged.

  • Product Dimensions and Warranty

This product has overall dimensions of 10-1/4 by 10-5/8 by 14-7/8 inches and weighs around fourteen pounds. This is also backed with a one year limited warranty.


Compared to stand mixer meat grinder attachment, this standalone food grinder offers better performance and grinding speed. And since all parts are mostly made from stainless steel materials and aluminum cast, this is more durable and can last a lifetime. And when it comes to price, this is certainly more practical instead of just buying a meat grinder attachment for stand mixers.

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