Norpro 151

Norpro 151 Meat Grinder and Pasta Maker Detailed Review

Norpro Meat Grinder Review

This portable three in one plastic meat grinder from Norpro can be used not only for grinding meat but as mince and pasta maker as well norpro 151

This comes with heavy duty mincing plates and industrial grade stainless steel blade built into a durable high impact plastic composite housing.

This grinder is ideal for creating sausages, grinding hamburger, or blending your baby food.

This also comes with a suction base for added stability when operating the grinder.

Norpro 151

Norpro 151 Parts

  • Sturdy Plastic Composite body

This is built in a plastic composite body that is both sturdy and hygienic. The plastic composite housing makes it more durable and resistant to rust and staining. And considering the volume of meat and other wet ingredients it processes, there is always a chance of rusting and staining if the housing is not made from high-quality materials that can actually resist rusting (common to metal housing) and staining.

  • Stainless Steel Blades And Mincing Plates

The fine and coarse mincing plates are made from industrial grade stainless steel including its integrated grinding blade. The all stainless steel assembly is ideal for creating sausages, blending baby food, and grinding hamburger. The stainless steel blade is designed to cut into any types of food ingredients and efficiently turn chunks of meat into finely grinded meat depending on the type of mincer you will use.

The base of this three in one grinder has an integrated suction cup that surprisingly works well and can secure the device in place.

This comes with a key that looks more like a plastic wrench and is used to lock and unlock the built-in knob for the suction cup. The knob can also be rotated by hand if the key is not around.

This model comes with three pasta attachments for creating rigatoni, spaghetti, and linguine. You can now make your homemade pasta from scratch and choose the type of attachment to use.

This product stands seven inches high and has a diameter base of 4 ┬╝ inches. This weighs around two pounds and is very lightweight for any types of kitchen countertop. This product is FDA approved and is entirely made in the United States. All removable parts are dishwasher safe and offer ease of assembly.

Accessories of

Aside from its three pasta attachments, this model also comes with a sausage funnel attachment. This also comes with two perforated metal output plates and a plastic locking key for operating the suction base.


Norpro, three in one meat grinder, is a heavy duty plastic food processor that can mince, grind, and create pasta from scratch.

This also comes with a sausage funnel attachment so you can now create your homemade sausage with your favorite recipe. And with a very affordable price point, the Norpro meat grinder is one of the most affordable food grinders with three on one functions you can find in the market today.

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