Panasonic Meat Grinder MK-G20NR

Panasonic Meat Grinder MK-G20NR

This Panasonic Meat Grinder comes with an 180-watt electric motor. It averaged a four-star rating across seven reviews. Most product owners commented that they would recommend this grinder to others. Read on to find more users comments and ratings of the

Panasonic Meat Grinder MK-G20NR.

A big advantage of owning a meat grinder is that you are in full control of what goes into your ground beef and sausages, not to mention having a machine which will process all kinds of fruit and vegetables as well.

Features of Panasonic Meat Grinder MK-G20NR

  • A circuit breaker on the 180-watt motor to prevent damage.
  • Equipped with cutting blades of stainless steel
  • Capable of processing 2 to 3 lbs of meat a minute.
  • Includes a sausage making attachment and three cutting blades.
  • Shortlist for cleaning.
  • Warranty (Limited) of one year.

Bearing the Panasonic brand name, this meat grinder is a reliable and easy to use the machine. It does, however, come with not the greatest power. Again, built to a price. So you do need to take that into account when considering your purchase. Its capability of two to three pounds of meat a minute is impressive; I would look for a unit with more power if you are looking for anything more than that kind of capacity.

“We tried four different electric meat grinders before we got to ..”

“Don’t buy this grinder, it’s useless and has an incredibly weak motor..”

“Works great and has the power to do the job. Also found it an excellent way to quickly and cleanly mince strawberries..”

” the Panasonic meat grinder works well and grinds meat super fast compared to manual meat grinders..”

Weight and Shipping Dimensions

  • Product Size: 16.4 x 9.2 x 7.7 inches

While there was one user review who had a problem with the grinder on their first use, there were several folks totally happy with the product and some had used to it grind 20 lbs of meat for sausages with nor concerns. In fact, they gave it a 5-star rating.

It is just not possible to ram the thing full of meat or vegetables and expect it to handle it! Keep your expectations to the 2 pounds of meat a minute and cut your starting product into 1-inch cubes if possible.

Make sure you read the manual that is shipped with this Panasonic Meat Grinder. One of the most important aspects is taking proper care of your grinding blades to prevent rust and maintain sharpness. This aspect of blade maintenance was a common thread in all of the meat grinder reviews.

Out of the products reviewed on this site, a plus for this machine is that it is the only one with stainless steel cutting blades. Owners of this product were impressed with the way it handled vegetables and fruits as well as all kinds of meats.

Since the grinder is not as sturdily built as those in the higher end price bracket, it’s unknown what the durability of it will be under heavy use.

Most users said that it handled all their grinding tasks with ease. Given the smaller motor on this electric meat grinder, that’s good praise. For the money, though, its worth serious consideration and it comes from a reliable brand name, and most owners are more than happy with it. Id gives it a 3 out of 5, but I’m sure its an excellent machine for the price.
Put the Panasonic Meat Grinder MK-G20NR on your short list if you are looking for an economical meat grinder for the household.

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