VillaWare V5267 meat grinder

VillaWare V5267 Elite ProGrinder Electric Meat Grinder

If you ever wondered how finest cuts of meat are done. It is probably the meat grinder that is involved in offering the best meat recipes. A meat grinder is said to be of good quality is because of it grounded meat quality. The smaller the meat, the better the meat grinder it is.

A variety of meat grinders is capable of grinding one pound to two pounds of meat per minute.

You will be able to cut meat for your sausages, meat loaf, and stews with the meat grinder. The VillaalWare Elite ProGrinder offers some of the best features for you to prepare homemade recipes that look like restaurant style.

VillaWare V5267 meat grinder

The V5267 Elite ProGrinder runs on powerful 550-watt motor, to deliver the best result even under heavy loads of meat to be grinded. The meat grinder features a die cast feed screw with a head size of number 5. The cutting plates’ diameter is 2 1/8 inch which allows you to cut a large amount of meat into smallest possible pieces of meat.

If you want to grind raw chicken and bones, the meat grinder works fine when they are done slowly and in an alternative fashion. Most of the uses have liked it for simple design and its heavy duty motor. The reverse switch helps in preventing meat jamming in the feed shaft. This is particularly important for strong meat like beef, pork and turkey.

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