Professional MG 800 Review

Waring Meat Grinder Professional MG 800

With this Waring Meat Grinder, fresh sausages, meats, pork, chicken, fish, and soups can all be easily made at home. Out of 71 customer reviews, 63 gave the Waring MG-800 Pro Professional Meat Grinder a 4 or 5-star rating.  Strong and sturdy, the stainless-steel housing should last for ages and give years of service.

Waring Meat Grinder

Waring Meat Grinder MG-800 Pro Professional highlights:

Professional quality meat grinder for homemade sausages, hamburgers and more.

  • Stainless-steel housing with die-cast hopper
  • 450-watt motor.
  • Reverse/On/Off switch.

The hopper does hold a significant amount of diced or sliced meat, which can be fed into the grinder with a plastic pusher. There are three coarseness settings….fine, medium and coarse. You can also grind fish or vegetables with this machine.

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There are two sausage attachments stored in the pushing mechanism. This allows you to combine your beef or chicken and spices for sausages. The user guide includes some nice recipes for various kinds of sausages…., e.g., Italian, Cajun, Venison. The five-year warranty gives peace of mind.

MG 800 Pro Parts

Shipping specifications and details of the Waring GrinderMG-800 Pro Professional: Shipping Weight: 13 pounds

  • 450 Watt Electric motor.
  • Die-Cast Hopper
  • Sausage Attachments
  • UL/CUL Approved
  • Measures 10″ x 13 1/4″ with the hopper attached.

The Waring Meat Grinder MG-800 Pro Professional comes with

  • Three cutting blades
  • Sausage maker attachment

Reviews of the Waring Grinder MG-800 Pro Professional

Out of 71 customer reviews of the Waring Meat Grinder MG-800, Pro Professional 45 gave it a 5-star rating.

Some users commented that the motor was efficient and robust, but it was noisy. Most meat grinders are noisy, so just take that into account when choosing when you are going to be doing your grinding!!

Many users said it was easy to clean and that they could wash the moving parts in the dishwasher. Just make sure to dry the blades thoroughly, or they will rust. Owners of this product reported it handled large quantities of meats of all types had never bought a store bough sausage or ground beef since they owned this machine. In this waring product review, Ill quote some comments from users…

“dependable, powerful, economical, fun….”

“Excellent Home Professional Meat Grinder….”

“It goes through beef like going through butter; juices are NEVER lost..

“The Warring Pro MG-800 is a workhorse…”

The user reviews of this Waring Meat Grinder were very positive and gave the machine the thumbs up. Its seems that the power and efficiency of the machine are more than enough for heavy duty household applications. The five-year limited motor warranty was seen as a plus.

The major point of discussion surrounded the blades and the dies. They are not stainless, rather carbon steel and will rust if not dried and stored in a dry place. It was suggested that the best way to store them is in a sealed plastic bag with rice. Rice absorbs the moisture and prevents corrosion.

Throughout the reviews I saw, there was not one comment about the Waring Meat Grinder not dong the job it was advertised for. Although it is advertised as a “professional” meat grinder, this is more to do with the product range “name” of the manufacturer. It is intended for home use, not for commercial or industrial applications….although some of the quantities of food and beef being processed by some users were astounding!

One guy uses a Waring Meat Grinder like this one to process 15 – 20 deer a year! With power comes noise, so just remember you are not going to be popular if you do your meat grinding as everyone is settling in front of the TV at night.

Overall, the reviewers commented mostly about taking good care of the blades and dies; No one complained that it is hard to clean, rather there were many positive comments about how easy it was to clean and maintain the machine. With a brushed stainless steel finish, it was regarded as elegant and stylish.

From my point of view, I would certainly rate the Waring Meat Grinder MG-800 Pro Professional as a four plus star rating. It seems excellent value for money, and if you are looking for a reliable, powerful well-designed meat grinder, then you really should put this one on your short list. There is no doubt that moving to the higher wattage motor is well worth the extra money if you do more than just the “odd” meat or food grinding.
This means you will have no frustrating food blockages, requiring stopping, pulling the thing apart and cleaning. This is a serious machine for the home kitchen.
Some electric meat grinders fall short with small storage space. On the Pro 800, you will be able to keep the production line going with a generous hopper storage area.

I noticed that a lot of the product owners were using the grinder to process ground beef for sausages and then using the sausage attachment to make 20lbs of sausages at a time. That is real testament to the capacity of the Waring Meat Grinder

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