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Weston 32 Electric Meat Grinder – Stainless Steel Pro Series

Many homeowners find it hard to come up with the most practical and reliable choice for their appliances. Since there are various models and brands for each item, it can be tough to decide for the best one. To be more specific, selecting a meat grinder is one of the things that some particular people need for residential or commercial purposes. It is the time to know about Weston 32 Stainless Steel Pro-Series Electric Meat Grinder and Stuffer.

Who Could Buy/Benefit this Product?

This meat grinder and stuffer had been designed for those individuals who want to get the most efficient and best quality product to support their goals in cooking the most delicious meal. It can be used by the professional chef, outdoors game-processor, gourmet cook or individuals who wish to get their job done in an easy, efficient and fast way. It is also the perfect choice for those who are looking for highly durable electric grinder and stuffer for meat. In short, almost everybody can use it to save time and maximize the good quality of their products.

Product Description

Weston 32 Stainless Steel Pro-Series Electric Meat Grinder and Stuffer do the greatest processing jobs among other types of grinders. It can grind 12 to 18 pounds of meat in each minute. This has been considered as the commercial-quality grinder which is always prepared in serving the needs of the professional chef, or the individuals who require fast and efficient products to help them. This electric meat grinder and stuffer from Weston had been made with pure metal to become extra sturdy and stable. It has been designed well to produce the best ground meat without consuming much time and effort. There are more amazing things that can be discovered in this product as they use it for an extended period.

Weston 32 Stainless Steel Pro-Series Product Features

Weston 32 Electric Meat Grinder

Weston 32 Stainless Steel Pro-Series Electric Meat Grinder and Stuffer has been designed with essential parts to make it very useful and highly functional. As the users consider the particular features present in this product, they will certainly get amazed with the result. This electric stuffer and grinder have the following functions:

  • Heavy duty and solid stomper
  • Cutting knife stainless steel
  • All-metal construction; works quietly during the operation
  • With 112 powerful watts and 1 ½ horsepower motor that grinds 9 to 12 pounds of meat in a minute.
  • Optimal performance in grinding as well as highly durable
  • With complete kit for sausage making
  • Three stuffing funnels including flanges
  • High-speed cyclone stuffing
  • Three grinding stainless steel plates for coarse, medium and fine grinding; two grinding plates
  • Reverse and forward function to prevent clogging
  • Offset design of head that has locking knob to allow maximum flow of meat
  • Extra large oval hopper stainless steel measuring more than 15 ½ in x 10 in x 3 ½ inches
  • Rubber feet (nonslip) for additional stability; sturdy handles to move the device quickly
  • Safety circuit breaker


The majority of the users of this electric meat grinder by Weston have been amazed on how it works.

The most frequent feedback given by the customers is that it is capable of grinding anything without compromising the quality of the ground meat.

It can quickly grind even bones making this grinder and stuffer a practical choice for different types of users. Most of them find this product with excellent consumer service. For this reason, they proudly and confidently recommend it to their friend, family members as well as the other customers. Aside from that, it was able to give the complete and necessary details about the replacement of the plug when some customers experienced a little issue on it.


Some users of Weston 32 Stainless Steel Pro-Series Electric Meat Grinder and Stuffer find a single issue while using it. They observed that the prongs coming from its electric plug have the tendency to get stuck in the outlet. However, this is just a small issue which the costumers do not mind at all.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Weston’s Electric Meat grinder and stuffer received the rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in 2 people. One of these customers got convinced with the performance of this product giving it 5 stars. On the other hand, the other client gave 4 stars which also indicate that he or she has been satisfied with it.


Professional and ordinary people can both use Weston 32 Stainless Steel Pro-Series Electric Meat grinder and stuffer. Thus, there is no doubt that it works flexibly even for the toughest process. Those who want to try something new can already purchase this product today.

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