Weston Rapid Patty Maker – Meat Grinder Attachment

What amount of times have you heard the term “Meat Grinder” familiar with describing something excruciating? Thank you for visiting the real meat grinder. One very handy tool used by an ever flourishing home chef society to personalize their meat and sausage productions.

Weston Rapid Patty Maker


Buying Tips on Buying Attachments for Home Usage

An electric powered meat grinder consist of a hopper that is the tube down which the sliced, or cubed meat will likely be pushed, a worm screw or auger, that pushes the meat through will cutting blades right after which through the grinding plates and out the other end regarding the grinding head.

The meat tray will fit over the hopper so you can put all for the meat into it, then guide it or push it along the hopper because of the ‘stomper’ or pusher.

The size of the grinding head is referred to by number. A #5 size head is the smallest, and it can be located in various sizes all the way just as much as #46. A smaller sized head size means in which less meat is often pushed through the machine. They can process less than the bigger machines, and take more time to do so.

That’s why the smaller machines with head sizes #5 and #8, are recommended for domestic use. When you should’ve only handled some weight of meat which will make a dozen hamburgers, they’re likely to do the job fine.

However, if you’re making 500 fast food sandwich patties to sell, you’ll want a machine that can push more quantity through a larger head. Also, the bigger head usually is sustained by a bigger motor, better able to address the bigger capacity.

The grinding plates are around in different sizes, fine (3/16 “), medium (1/4″) and coarse (1/2″). The plates have a myriad of holes by which the meat is pushed, and these sizes connect with the size of the ‘tubes’ of meat designed to emerge.

Different sizes work better for many types of processed food, for example, the plate would be applied most frequently for sausages.

Healthy Tips

• A healthier life

You can avoid the dangers of processed meat since it is you who know precisely, right down to the very last ounce, what you are feeding to yourself as well as your family.

Grinding your meat is similar to cutting fruit and vegetables, once they been subjected to the air their excellence will decline and susceptible to bacterial pollution like E. coli.

• Enjoy better flavor

Grinding beef will seal tight the meat chance to lose its flavor while sitting in a meat counter. you can easily expect to enjoy fresher and cleaner taste.

Grind your meat if fresh lets you ensure so it stays nice and loose, improving both humidity levels, and texture after cooking.

• Tons of easy to customize opportunity
You can customize the fat content or even make ground meat combos.


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